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Mobile app and server communication made easy with Golgi

Hi to all the hackathon attendees,

By now you'll all be looking forward to this weekend's hackathon. You've probably even done a little brain-storming this week - what's the killer product that I'm going to create? Well if that product involves mobile app-to-server, mobile app-to-mobile app or server-to-server communications the Golgi SDK (http://www.golgi.io) can accelerate your development.

Golgi is a developer toolkit that produces custom communications APIs for Android, iOS and J2SE. Creating and using a custom communication API can be done in three simple steps with Golgi:

1. Specify your data types and transactions using Thrift IDL.
2. Run Golgi's code generator and add the code to your product's source base.
3. Call your generated code to send and receive your data.

After that Golgi will do the rest. Your data will be sent to Golgi's cloud based infrastructure where it will be routed to it's destination. Golgi's cloud based infrastructure is based on a telco-grade platform and boasts a number of features.

1. All destinations globally addressable
- send messages from server to client without needing a client poll.
- address end-points behind NATs.
2. Destination end-point offline - Golgi will store your data and automatically retry.
3. Destination mobile application in the background - configure push credentials and Golgi can still deliver to the app.

To learn more check out the website http://www.golgi.io. You can also register for a free Golgi developer account at https://devs.golgi.io. And you can get in contact with the Evangelism team via Email at ian.harris@golgi.io or pvdl@golgi.io or via Twitter @_ianharris or @FUDmuffin

Looking forward to seeing you all at the hackathon.


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