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Build on Bitcore and Win Some Bitcoin

This weekend, BitPay's engineering team will be on-site, providing support to any teams using Bitcore, BitAuth, or their Merchant API to interact with the Bitcoin network.

In addition to the normal Disrupt prizes, BitPay will be offering 3 bitcoin for the best use of the Bitcoin protocol — that’s $1500 worth of value at today’s exchange rates.

BitPay is the world’s leading Bitcoin merchant platform, enabling businesses to accept bitcoin payments instantly, from anywhere on the planet, with no risk… for free.

Part of this endeavor is BitPay’s enduring commitment to free and open-source software. This year alone, BitPay’s Engineering Team open-sourced a swathe of Bitcoin tools, built on top of the foundation of Bitcore, a run-anywhere Bitcoin library.

Some Open-Source Highlights…

BitAuth, a passwordless authentication protocol, based on the same cryptography used in the Bitcoin protocol. By eliminating server-side storage of passwords, BitAuth can drastically reduce the impact of a compromised server.
Copay, a decentralized multi-signature bitcoin wallet that BitPay developed out of the necessity to use a shared wallet for corporate finances.
Insight, a standalone blockchain explorer and REST API server that you can run completely independently of any third-party provider.
Many other projects have utilized Bitcore to accelerate their cryptofinancial projects, including DigitalTangible, Counterparty, BitBox, Jess Telford’s Payment Channel Middleware, and many more.

BitPay will also be exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt following the hackathon. We welcome any attendees to drop by our booth and learn more about BitPay.


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