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Create the next great app with Peel's Smart Twitter and Tune-In APIs

Peel is looking forward to being a sponsor of this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. In case you are not familiar with us, Peel is the creator of the Peel Smart Remote and Peel.in™ Platform. Peel turns your smartphone into a smart remote. From controlling your TV and set top box to providing show recommendations to generating Peel-In Links that allow users to change the channel, control their DVR or set a reminder, ours is a revolutionary technology. Peel is preloaded on the latest Android phones from Samsung, HTC, etc. (as WatchON, SenseTV or Smart Remote) and is nearing 100 million activated users, making it one of the Top 5 fastest growing apps in history

We’re excited to see what brilliant use you can make of three of our public APIs:

Tune-In Links API - Can your tweet turn on your TV? You can with our tune-in link API.
The tune-in links API uses either a tweet, hashtag or showID as the parameter to return a Peel-In link that best matches the request. When a user clicks on the Peel-In link on their mobile devices, they’ll be redirected to the show page on the Peel app or asked to set a calendar reminder.

Related Twitter Hashtags API - Who needs a channel number when you have a hashtag? The related Twitter hashtags API returns any related hashtags which were learned within the most recent time window. All that’s needed for this API is a unique showID and the time parameter. This API leverages a variety of algorithms to determine contextual relevance in generating the related hashtags.

Trending Shows API - Peel's trending shows API is only 120 seconds away from catching the most popular show-related conversations on Twitter, like what fight just broke out on Jerry Springer or who just got drafted for the NFL. This API finds shows that are trending on Twitter based on the amount of recent tweet activity involving show-related hashtags.

Wanna Start Brainstorming?

Here’s the link for the Peel APIs: http://tuneinapi.peel-ci.com/#!/hashtag. Take a peek at our public APIs and get inspired!

Show Me the Money!

We’re awarding $2,000 to the developer team that comes up with the Best, Most Creative Implementation of Peel Smart Twitter & Tune-In APIs. Runner up will receive $1,000. Good luck! Anyone trying out the APIs can stop by our table to get a free Peel T-shirt.

Need Help?

Email us at hackathon@peel.com and someone from our team will provide assistance.

For more information about Peel and job opportunities, visit http://www.peel.com.


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