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Reinvent publishing with Joomag

Here at Joomag we are really excited to provide our API at this year's TC Disrupt Hackathon. In case you're not familiar with our service yet, Joomag is a leader in digital publishing services, providing integrated solution for publishing, distributing, tracking and monetizing publications online. We've been growing pretty fast recently and are already hosting over 180.000 publishers worldwide.

Our API allows creating, managing and manipulating your digital publications completely automatically without any need of human intervention and lately we've updated it to version 2.0 with lots of new calls, options and a nice RESTful layout.

Here are some ideas that can be implemented using our API:
- InstaMagazine: just take an Instagram username, crawl the pictures and create a photo album ready to be shared and discussed. decide who will be able to see it.
- Comics generator: allow arranging pictures in a format of a Comics and publish it using Joomag.
And there's a lot more that can be achieved by using our API, the only limit is your imagination.

API documentation is available here:


and I'm open for any questions or suggestions.

Looking forward seeing you guys at Hackathon.

Don't forget to check our website at: http://www.joomag.com


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