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Add and run your own interoperable IM and VoIP features using Matrix (launched today!!)

Hi all,

It seems like adding real-time communication to your apps and websites is a hot topic this hackathon - Matrix.org provides a *totally* different way of doing it:

Matrix is a non-profit open initiative, publishing a new open standard for interoperable HTTP-based instant messaging and VoIP - as well as some open source reference Python implementations you can run yourself to host the service. The long-term goal is to make VoIP and IM as flexible, decentralised and ubiquitous as email!

- Creating and managing fully distributed chat rooms with no
single points of control or failure
- Eventually-consistent cryptographically secure synchronisation of room
state across a global open network of federated servers and services
- Sending and receiving extensible messages in a room with (optional)
end-to-end encryption
- Inviting, joining, leaving, kicking, banning room members
- Managing user accounts (registration, login, logout)
- Using 3rd Party IDs (3PIDs) such as email addresses, phone numbers,
Facebook accounts to authenticate, identify and discover users on Matrix.
- Placing 1:1 VoIP and Video calls

Matrix is *very* new - we only launched today, and not yet ready for production usage, but very very usable as the basis for a more unusual hack.

So please go to http://matrix.org and read all about us and check us out - we're really hoping some folks will use us to run the messaging infrastructure for their hacks for TC!




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