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DIY Offers and Rewards with new EVO Snap* Connect API

The EVO Snap* Connect offers and rewards platform enables business owners to activate and deepen relationships with customers by linking consumer data with payment and marketing services to create customized loyalty programs, card-linked offers, real-time rewards at point-of-sale and detailed retail analytics.

Get up close and personal with the EVO Snap* Connect offers and rewards API at TechCrunch and discover how to integrate offer publishing and card-linked redemption services into your loyalty app.

Stuff you can build with EVO Snap* Connect includes:

Merchant Funded Incentives
•Offer creation
•Offer publishing and consumer opt-in
•mPOS real-time redemption linked to payment card

Affiliate Programs
•Open your affinity groups up to the software development community to enhance real-time engagement at POS

Real-Time Activation
•Drive real-time card-swipe activation of services and solutions to create frictionless boarding for users

•Deliver robust retail analytics using merchant, consumer, marketing and payment information

•Build custom loyalty and reward programs based on payment card use and frequency

Pre-register now to get important dev credentials and for your chance to Hack and Win!

We want to see your most inventive use of the EVO Snap* Connect API. We're giving away a 2014 Honda Metropolitan to the developer who demonstrates the most creative use of the Snap* APIs in their Hackathon creation. Pre-register now and you'll also get access to important credentials you'll need to use the EVO Snap* APIs at the Hackathon.


See you in San Francisco!


  •   •   over 9 years ago

    I am so excited to be EVO Snap*'s dev rep for Hackathon! I'll be on hand to answer any technical questions that you may have on our APIs or service functionality.

    Since I'm a back end developer, I rarely see the end products of our technology. So, this will be fun - I can't wait to see what kind of cool stuff gets put together with the EVO Snap* platform! :)

    Be sure to come by and say hello to me and the rest of the team. I did see a bunch of schwag passing through the office the other day...

  •   •   over 9 years ago

    Hey Jeannine, Chris here from Concur. Wanted to ask you about an EvoSnap-Concur mashup. Are you able to send me an email at chris.ismael@concur.com? Thanks!

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