Disrupting credit card transactions by collecting item level data on every purchase.

WINNER: Yodlee Interactive


Mobile payments are taking time to become the started method of payment due to POS mismatch, device limitations, and competing standards. We realized that there is a wealth of information available to us from data at financial institutions using the Yodlee APIs in combination with the in-person experience of receipts. This combination is so powerful that it can disrupt the current purchasing experience in the following ways:

[1]: Fraud prevention - real-time pushes to device to approve transactions [2]: Item-by-item list per transaction - being able to list out not only the purchase amount, but also what exactly a consumer bought from each vendor is a huge breakthrough in the financial industry. It opens doors to a whole new level of user data for advertisers, consumer behavior data for vendors, and purchase data for consumer budgeting. [3]: Instant expense reporting - employees will never have to save paper receipts ever again and never have to file an expense report ever again.

Key Features

[1]: OCR - Reading and parsing receipts to get itemized data and matching to transaction [2]: Instant mobile push per transaction [3]: Automated expense reporting

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