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about 9 years ago

API Workshops

In addition to the hacking & the presenting, the Disrupt Hackathon is also a great opportunity to learn about brand new technologies & how they can make your job easier.  We’ve put together some great opportunities for you to up your game & better your chances of walking out of the Hackathon with prizes in hand.


2pm – Classroom A
Connie Chan, Senior Software Engineer

The Evernote API lets you tap into the functionality offered by the Evernote service and gain access to the millions of users around the world who use it every day. In this workshop we’ll introduce the API and look at Evernote’s SDKs, then discuss creating new notes, rendering notes, searching for existing notes and other common operations. You’ll learn how your application can store its data in Evernote and how to tap into the information that a user has already stored in their notebooks.

Grand Evernote Prize – iPad Minis!

The best overall app in [design, utility, api, originality] that works with the Evernote API. All members (4 max) receive an iPad mini

 Find out more about Evernote’s API at:

Microsoft Ventures

2:30pm – Classroom B
Steven Edouard, Developer Evangelist

Learn how to build hyper-scalable web API’s that can power your mobile applications on any device with Node.js. Leveraging the Express framework you can build RESTful JSON API’s and deploy for world-wide availability in minutes with Microsoft Azure. In addition to scalable hosting Microsoft Azure provides a rich Node.js in-browser development environment allowing you to build your API without any setup on any platform.

Find out more about Node on Microsoft Azure at: 


3pm – Classroom A
Thomas Sarlandie, Developer Evangelist

Pebble is the smartwatch that 85,000+ people brought to life through Kickstarter in 2012. After setting the Kickstarter funding record, Pebble has continued to develop into a fully functional and customizable smartwatch ecosystem. Pebble is amazing thanks to its large community and the flexibility it offers to developers.

Join us to learn how to write your first Pebble applications in JavaScript or C and how to use Pebble’s APIs. CloudPebble is a complete web-based development environment for Pebble, providing you with the tools to build and run your app from your web browser. Writing apps in C and even in JavaScript (Pebble.js) can be done very quickly and effortlessly in CloudPebble! If you do not have a Pebble yet, we will have refurbished Pebbles for sale at $75!

The Pebble SDK consists of different frameworks that are organized by functionality. Each framework includes an API and provides access to the software libraries supported natively by Pebble OS. You use these interfaces (APIs) in the C programming language to write software for the Pebble platform.

Find out more about Pebble’s API at:


3:30pm – Classroom B
Ryan Choi, Developer Evangelist

See how developers, start-ups and brands are leveraging the variety of Twitter APIs and data to engage their users, gain new ones, and jump-start their businesses.

In this talk, Ryan will introduce you to some examples of Twitter in the wild, and share some simple ways to get started with the Twitter APIs, from the Streaming APIs to Twitter Cards.

Get started today with code samples from the TwitterDev Github repo:


4pm – Classroom A
Duane Moore, Engineer

Clover is the open point-of-sale platform. Using Clover’s Android or web APIs, you can build solutions for businesses that run directly on Clover’s sleek and awesome payment/point-of-sale devices, or build customer-facing solutions that integrate with those businesses using the Clover platform. Clover’s goal is to put an API in every storefront. As more businesses (and more countries) adopt the Clover platform, you as the developer will have the opportunity to reach those businesses directly via the Clover App Market. Clover also understands the exciting changes coming in the payments industry whether it involves chip cards, NFC, cryptocurrencies or paying directly via a neural implant. (OK, we made that last one up, but join our awesome developer community and it just might be possible!) Come learn how to “hack the cash register” with Clover.

Find out more about Clover’s APIs at: